A Diwali Miracle

Posted on November 17, 2020


Re-posted from my Instagram (Nov. 14th 2020)

I did it. With Sid’s help. I emerged this morning feeling different. I had spent Wednesday to Friday, especially Thursday evening onwards, feeling like crap. Diwali week crept up on me, AGAIN.

Usually, I might try to NOT feel this way. To be fair, I don’t feel this way, except on festivals. But this year, I made exceptional progress with Ganesh Chaturthi, Samvatsari and Navratri. I had hoped the Diwali experience would be similar, especially since I have just come back from Vipassana.

By different, I had hoped I would feel “better,” I would feel “happy,” so when the blues came, I was disappointed. But I HAD just come back from Vipassana, so the ability to bear witness with compassion, ease and non-judgement was high.

I spent all of Thursday and Friday allowing my big feelings to come out and play. I allowed my wounded child self to be. I connected with her and I loved on her.

I was working on the Mindfulness & Family Relationships session and was finetuning some of my meditations. It was perfect. I doused myself with so much loving attention that this morning I woke up energized.

My session went well, I think. Having gone through, what I have gone through and learning what I have learned, there is no better way (for me) to self actualize besides sharing what I have learned.

Sid had instructed me to bathe and wear decent clothes. I went a step further and pulled out a kurta that’s 11 years old!!

This is a momentous occasion. I haven’t dressed up for Diwali in 25 odd years. There’s sweets in my home for the first time!!! Sid went and bought them while I was facilitating the workshop.

I am so proud of myself! Watch for the FREE meditations dropping in the coming weeks.

And yes, Happy Diwali! May we create space for simultaneous feelings to coexist!