Tea Meditation

Posted on August 31, 2020


Sitting with a cup
of fennel tea,
A thought came to me,
“I am worthy.”
It came out of nowhere,
and took me by surprise.
I found myself thinking,
questioning, “Why?”
I am not working.
I am not skinny.
I am not a yogi.
My writing has paused.
There are dark circles
around my eyes.
I don’t have kids,
nor do I want them,
And I suck at cooking meals.
In fact, for the first time,
I have no goals, no dreams.
Yet…I dare? I do,
to feel worthy.
I am the heaviest I’ve ever been.
There are deep acne scars
on my skin.
I don’t clean.
I don’t do laundry.
I have stopped giving advice.
I am doing nothing.
I am heading nowhere.
To be honest,
it is freeing.
I am worthy
not based on what I do,
but simply by the virtue
that I exist.
As are you!
You are worthy.