New Beginnings

Posted on December 10, 2018


As a rule, I am not a celebrator of anything. And if you have been reading my blog, you will know how much special occasions and festivals traumatize me. This year has possibly been the best year of my life.  Even Diwali wasn’t as bleak as usual. I managed to not sink into a dark hole of gloom and even go out to dinner.

On December 1, we incidentally had a small get-together at our place, as a friend had been visiting from out of town. I deep-cleaned the whole house. Something I had been meaning to do for a very long time. I wanted to do it before Diwali but didn’t manage to. I took 2 days to make the house ready for a celebration. Sid also chipped in. No one can clean a kitchen like he does! Not even Molly Maid. I am not kidding! I guess this can count as our Christmas cleaning!

Sid and I never do anything festive. He is just not into that sort of stuff. We have never been home for Christmas. We are always in India. One year, we ended up running away to Iowa to his aunt’s place. Every year I ask him if he wants to put up a tree and his answer is always the same, “Not really!”

This year I said I wanted to put up the tree. Let’s put this in perspective. In 2011, Sid’s mom came to visit us from India and was appalled that we weren’t putting up a tree. So she made us buy a fake tree with these gorgeous decorations and she put up the tree with our help. We haven’t done it since then! We have lent our tree to others because we never felt the need.

This weekend, I made Sid bring out the tree and the decorations. We took the time and put it up. We had so many wonderful ornaments – some that we had bought all those years ago and some added by others who borrowed our tree and decor. This year, we received tree ornaments as favours at a wedding. And finally tree was ready, lights et al. Somehow we weren’t happy with the white lights. Sid spent another 15 minutes untangling a ball of fairy lights that I had shoved into a jar as decor. And the length of these lights was exactly what we needed for tree. He fiddled with the settings till he found the setting he was most pleased with – these are battery operated lights with different modes. (Yes, we use rechargeable batteries!)

Once it was up, we were so pleased with ourselves. There was glitter from the decorations all over the living room, but we didn’t care! I love coming down and turning on the lights on the tree every evening when it starts getting dark. Sid also loves the tree and admires it!

What I realized is that it is not that he doesn’t like to celebrate…he did not think about it. He is so used to his mom doing everything for him! It’s not only a new phase in my personal life, but also feels like a new phase for us as a couple – creating new holiday traditions and letting go of the past.

Here’s a picture of me with my tree! It may not be a big, fat tree…but it is enough for me (us!)


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