Fields of Joy

Posted on August 7, 2018


I feel compelled to write daily! The verse is overflowing. Grateful for the practice of Vipassana meditation and the words that are a result of it. Please do connect with me if you would like to know more.


Personal photo by me!

Joy is a tiny seed
We plant when we first sit
To focus on our breath
In a quest for happiness.

It needs no money
Or a special situation or condition
Just using what we already have
Life-sustaining respiration.

We sit once and we sit again
Then we sit daily: morning and night
That is all it needs to thrive
No need for water, soil or even sunshine.

It grows a sprout – all tender and green
You will feel the activity deep within
And then another one blossoms and it slowly grows
Till you overflow with it and everyone knows.

That you planted a seed
Not knowing what it would yield
You took that leap
And you grew a field!

Abundant and healthy and ready to go
To plant itself in another prospective grove
For no matter how many fields you fertilize
The seed of joy only multiplies.

What grows is only what you practice
Without application knowledge will run dry
But even an illiterate person can be crop-rich
When they make breath their axis.

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