The Process of Meditation

Posted on August 5, 2018


I sit in silence
closed eyes. crossed legs
back straight
focussed on breath

Head to toe
Through arms and torso
Front and back
To and fro

Looking for nothing
Observing the flow
Judging no thoughts
They just come and go.

I reach a block
In my shoulders or neck
A heaviness – a rock
So I stop for a breath.

No struggle. No attempt
No bemoaning or desperation
For the free flow that was
Just staying with respiration.

Not staying for long
Not giving it strength
Keeping on the circuit
Using the power of breath.

Few cycles later
I arrive back at the spot
There is the free flow
No blockage at all.

No jubilation. No revelry
No pat to the back
Just continuing on
Staying focussed on breath.

The saga of silence and attention
Observing to let go
Moving on but staying still
The ultimate contradiction.