Heaven is a moment

Posted on July 31, 2018


I can’t believe I didn’t post this! I wrote this on March 20th about my experiences and realizations through practicing Vipassana.


Heaven is a moment
Of quiet and stillness
A break from the busyness
Of thoughts, words and deeds
And emails, phones and lists
Heaven is a moment
Of self care and worship
A time of reflection
And refuelling the ship
Of gratitude and grace
Felt in every cell
An ecstatic state.

Hell is a moment
Of anxiety and anticipation
Of frantic worry and trepidation
Of doubt and desperation
With no hope of alleviation
Hell is a moment
Of love going sour
Every passing hour
Of fear and insecurity
From right now to eternity
Of unfulfilled dreams
And taunts and screams

Equanimity is a moment
Of intentional surrender
To the coming and going
Of cravings and fears
To the rising and falling
Of success and failures
To the tiding and ebbing
Of smiles and tears
Equanimity is a moment
Of knowledge and wisdom
Of realization and acceptance
Of the fleeting transience
Of the circle and the cycle
Of life, death and paradise
The oscillation from hell to heaven and back
A hope I hold as I sit in stillness with closed eyes.

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