Square Peg, Round Hole

Posted on April 7, 2018


Another addition to the collection of poems and experiences I am writing to document the change since I began meditating daily. It’s Day 62 today. The phrase, “Square peg, round hole,” has been following me around all week. I got fed up and had to sit down and let the words write themselves. Here you go. I guess it’s pretty darn clear what’s happening inside me.

Square peg, round hole
Fit in? Break out?
What is the goal?
Make myself smaller,
Sure I’d fit right in
If I smoothe my jagged edges
And hide my flaws
If I let myself grow, let me enlarge
I can break out
I can celebrate my strengths
And embrace my scars.

Square Peg, Round Hole


Square peg, round hole
Walk the plains? Swim the seas?
Scale mountains?
Which path, which road?
I’m on a path that’s sure, that’s secure
Yet it holds no allure
Neither do the dangers of the seas
Or the promises of breathtaking views
Beckon me
It’s not about money or awards
vacations or guarantees.


Square peg, round hole
Do what I know
Or what I’m told
The same old
The same mould
Just for now, I hope
And not forevermore
I hear a calm, clear, soft voice,
Let it go, let it be,
Break down, sit still
Says simply my soul.