A Verse for Women’s Day

Posted on March 8, 2018


FB_IMG_1475153214657To the saint and the slut,
Whether you walk, run or strut,
To the shy and the chatty ones,
To the women that didn’t birth sons,
To the ones that love themselves
And to the ones that cannot.
To the women who follow the rules,
And the ones that didn’t go to school,
To the fabulous cook,
To the one that went to the moon,
To the women who fix things,
To the ones with broken wings
To the warriors and the engineers
To the inventors, discoverers, pioneers.
To the women that love women,
To the ones that love men,
To the ones that love neither or to ones that love both,
To the ones who vote and to the ones who don’t.
To ones that were born women,
And to the ones that were not.
To the mothers, sisters, nurturers,
To the dancers, poets, painters,
To the witches, doctors, healers.
To the urban chic divas
To the village dwelling bellas
To the ones that win medals
And to the ones that sacrifice their shot
To the stay at home moms and the ones that work a lot.
To the girly, thrifty, funny,
To the sporty, boyish, burly,
To the ones in bold bikinis and the ones in modest veils,
To the ones that take chances and ones too afraid to fail.
To the ones that take the lead and
To the ones that follow along,
To the ones that said #metoo
And to the ones that would not / could not!
To the ones that history remembers,
And to the ones that history forgot!
To the one who need this day,
And to the ones that do not!
Uplift each other. Resist.
Strive. Fight. Persist.

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