The Serenity Song

Posted on August 2, 2017


​Serenity is an actual place
A physical space
Sometimes by a lake
Or inside of me
On a boat on the ocean
Or in the forest atop a tree.

Serenity is an actual person
Made of blood, flesh and tears
A nun giving a sermon
Or a stranger on a phone line
A cherub on a park slide
Or a friend calming fears.

Serenity is tangible
Untouchable. Yet attainable.
A lover’s rose
A yoga pose
A moment of stillness
A chance towards greatness.

Serenity is the end
Of suffering and neediness
It is the beginning
Of a deeper inner readiness
To accept and belong
To this path that I am on.

Serenity is the journey
And also the destination
It is a tool, an instrument
And also a manifestation
Of thoughts, actions, dreams and songs
Serenity, come with me,
Or let me just tag along

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