Tips to beat the Monday blues

Posted on July 17, 2017


If you’re not living in Dubai / one of those countries, or don’t work weekends, Monday might be the first day of the week for you. And I’m going to make a guess that it isn’t your favourite day of the week. If it is, please leave and do not ever talk to me. I hate Mondays. As much as tepid tea and bumpy flights. I woke up this morning feeling pretty dull, but soon I found myself reaching out for things that pick me up. It worked.

Here’s my list; for you and me both!

  1. Resist this urge to check email / social media — you don’t want to bombard yourself with possibly overwhelming s*&^!
  2. Upbeat music
  3. Gentle stretching — if you’re a hero, get a workout in. I’m not. Not on a Monday.
  4. Dancing shower — the music is on, the water is nice. Go on…sing, move!
  5. Banana / fruit — you need some sugar. Bananas have tryptohans which are like antidepressants.
  6. Cuppa joe — in my case ginger tea, made by my favourite guy.
  7. Choose just a couple of urgent things from your to-do list. Finish them before lunch. Write a day of the week next to other tasks.
  8. Healthy lunch — get your veggies in. A salad or sandwich is a great choice. In India, I’d have chosen idlis. Yummmm.
  9. A little afternoon treat at 3pm — you’re almost through the day. Spoil yourself for not losing it
  10. Journal — we all need to document when we do good. This will serve as reminders for the future.

Now, let’s slay this Monday, baby!

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