How to have a good day

Posted on June 27, 2017


I haven’t been here for over a month and I have missed it. I had a lot going on; my sister visited me for a month and we moved homes. It’s an exciting time, but it was easy to get caught up in the frenzy and get lackadaisical about things that keep me grounded. It took me a few weeks, but I feel like I’m getting back my mojo.

Here are my quick pointers on how one can have a good day — a lot of them are about the mornings; my mom used to say, “Well begun is half done!” So, here goes:

  1. Start the day minus gadgets.
  2. Be active in the morning. Yoga, a brisk walk, whatever works.
  3. Listen to music as you go through the motions. Sing.
  4. Wake up with intention and gratitude. I woke up feeling grateful for rest.
  5. Wake up earlier so you don’t have to rush. You can take time with your morning tea / coffee. For those who have kids, you get some time with them or just being quiet without ’em. Both equally important.
  6. Spend time laughing. With others preferably. But even reading something or watching something hilarious works.
  7. Be kind to others. Say encouraging things to people you meet.
  8. Practice self-compassion. Validate yourself for 3 things minimum daily. I’ve been doing it for a few months, so an hour into my morning, I already have so many!
  9. Set achievable goals for the day.
  10. Document your good day. I journal. You could take pictures. Record a podcast. Whatever works.

Something that works for me always is being creative. Writing and photography are my jam. Yours could be something else.

Here’s to a wonderful day!

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