My Husband’s (Other) Valentine

Posted on February 13, 2017


It’s time to reblog this and remind myself that I have a good man in my life!

From Outside The Mall

Sid and I don’t really celebrate this day. He teases me about getting me flowers or surprising me with jewelry. But he wouldn’t dare! So this Valentine’s Day, being a Thursday, was treated as any other Thursday. Since my husband is a consultant, he travels Monday to Thursday; so on Thursdays, we usually go out to dinner. It’s usually Thai food at a simple-yet-cozy restaurant behind our house. Yesterday, we decided to change it up a bit and went to an Asian fusion place, which is a wee bit fancier (you know, $2 per dish fancier). But hey, he came straight from the airport in his boring corporate attire, and I went unshowered after Yoga. So it doesn’t count as a celebration.

After we ate dinner, we stopped by our neighborhood cafe. He asked me if I wanted anything, but I declined. He bought a really nice pastry to…

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