My Husband’s Fast (Abstinence)

Posted on October 20, 2016


There is so much debate going on about Karva Chauth this week that I thought let me add a post and cash in on the popularity of this topic. I don’t observe Karva Chauth (or any other fast) and neither does my husband. We both love food too much.

In 2014, we had been in Canada for just over a year and I was looking for a job. All my efforts were of no use; I did not get a single interview. Sid would often say to me, “I wish I could do something to make you feel better.” One day, I was so annoyed, I said, “Why don’t you keep a fast for me! Why don’t you give up desserts till I get a job!” For those who know Sid and me, you’re right, I was killing two birds with one stone. I was trying to appease the gods, sure; but I was also trying to get the love of my life to stop shoving mouthfuls of sugary desserts down his throat!

What makes my husband smile? PC:  Indu Sathyendran

What makes my husband smile? PC: Indu Sathyendran

Let’s remember, this is the guy who famously said, “I love you as much as chocolate ice-cream!” Not more. As much. This is the guy who says, “The best part of being a grown up is I can have as much ice cream as I want, whenever I want!” This is the guy who tried to give up sweets for Lent in 2012 and it lasted a day! And that was for Jesus; what chance did I stand? But baited like that, my man rose up to the challenge. He said, “I won’t eat ice-cream till you find a job!”

It was hard for him. One night, we argued while going to bed. Over the toilet seat or toilet paper or the toilet door, or something toilet-y, I am sure. It was beginning to get out of hand when he stormed out the bedroom and slammed the door shut. Yes, mother-in-law, your prince slammed the door! He came in five minutes later and apologized. He said, “I think I was having sugar withdrawals. I had a spoon of ice cream.”

But, mostly he kept his promise. Of not eating ice cream. This promise did not include giving up cookies or chocolate. Only ice cream. But for him, it was pretty solid. In a few weeks, I had a job! He came home smiling broadly. He hugged me excitedly and quickly. He put his bag down and pulled out a tub of Häagen Dasz ice cream – chocolate caramel. The smile on his face – ecstatic! I’m really unsure if his happiness was because I got the job or because he could eat ice cream again!

Who thinks my job hunt was successful because of his fasting?

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