Quest for the Perfect Gift

Posted on September 13, 2016


Sid and I have this wonderful tradition. He buys me presents and I return them to get something that suits my needs and personality more. Okay, it’s not that wonderful. But it’s a system and it works. However, he has been complaining that he doesn’t know what to buy me anymore, because apparently I am never happy with whatever he buys.

The first time he bought me something – it was a pair of white shorts and striped t-shirt from Marks and Spencer. He had spent a good deal of his hard-earned Indian cash on it. I tried it on. It looked perfect – just not my style. I returned it and got a green oversized pleather handbag that was the synosure of many an eye.

The year after we got married, he bought me diamond earrings. My dad was present and he ooh’ed and aah’ed over them before I returned them. I never bought anything in return that year. The next year, he bought me diamond rings. I almost returned them. But again, my sister was there and said theyΒ looked good. So I kept ’em. Not my personality, but I wear them thrice a year to feel fancy.


The daintier necklace is the one I told our cousin to make Sid buy!

This year, he tried to throw me a surprise party by inviting a few friends to a concert. (After I kept telling him that I don’t want to see anyone as I feel very bummed out that my birthday is 2 days after my mom’s!) Guess what? He forgot to buy tickets for my friends. Eventually it was sold out and he had to call and apologize to them. He did buy me a really pretty necklace – guessed right! I had told our cousin, Reva, to make sure he bought it. After the party fiasco, he admitted to her that if it weren’t for the necklace, he’d be screwed. He worked till 11PM on my birthday. It would have been the perfect opportunity to send me to a swanky spa, since he hates massages, that weirdo! But he didn’t think of it.



That’s a picture from the legendary Nashville bar – Legends

And before you get all what-do-YOU-do-for-him on me, let me tell you that I have made him mixed music CDs, photo collages, music videos and I have put myself at risk and ridden crazy roller coasters for this boy! I bought him the entire Johnny Cash music collection and made his aunt buy him the George Jones and Merle Haggard box sets for Christmas last year. And this year, I took him to Nashville for his birthday even though I loathe country music – it makes me want to stop living. He has wanted to go with me for five years. Yes, I may the best husband-gift-giver ever!

SO…now we are coming up with a list of things he can buy for me. It has to be a long list as there are several occasions and non-occasions that require gift-giving. I bet thatΒ my acquaintances might come up with better ideas than this boy who’s been with me for nine years…get that…NINE years!

Here’s what we (I) have on the list so far:

  1. Spa package
  2. An LP player
  3. A watch – budget $20 t0 $2000
  4. Tickets to US Open, even better if it were Wimbledon
  5. Cook me a nice meal
  6. A Tesla -he wants it to be his next car – so it’s basically for him! πŸ˜‰
  7. Tickets to see Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Adele or Aerosmith
  8. A hand-written letter
  9. A fountain pen

Please help my husband and add to this list! Christmas is coming…he needs a great idea for a gift for me. Thanks in advance.


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