Like Mother, Like Daughter

Posted on April 3, 2016


I found this picture of mummy while rummaging through pictures on my recent trip back home. Needless to say, I quiver with emotion when I see a picture of her. But this one makes me vibrate like a washer-dryer on an extra large load. It strikes me like lightning and I want to fall to my knees and hide my face in my palms and just cry. This is how I would like to remember her  – B.A. – Before Alzheimer’s. Sadly, I can’t remember just this side of her.

Anyway, back to this picture. Look at what she’s wearing very carefully. This cheap, yellow China silk saree was all the rage back then. She had received it as a gift from one of her sisters. To me, she looks like a million bucks. That even-toothed smile, that hair…classic.


Sooo, this saree was really long. What can you expect; it’s a saree made in China! We’re talking about the late 1980s. We didn’t have fancy boutiques and us middle class folks – we were all about the reduce, reuse and re-purpose. Mummy cut out the extra part of this saree and had our local tailor make me a frock. How cute, one would think. However, this was one decision she regretted forever. Every time she would wear the saree, I would run and put on this dress.

I thought it was pretty cool that we could go out all matched up. After all, like mother, like daughter.


Here I am – about 7 years of age, wearing the dress made out of my mother’s saree. The others in the picture are my paternal grandparents and my cousin.

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