Of Messy, Yet Simple Things

Posted on April 2, 2016


It was a cold winter morning, in January 2015. I woke Sid up and pleaded with him to go with me to this little shop on Dundas that sells fountain pens – you know, ink pens, like from way back. It was the day I first felt a stirring to revive the good ol’ days, or G.O.D as I prefer to call them. I will be honest; I wrote one journal entry that day and then relinquished the whole idea. That is until today.

I woke up longing to leave something behind – like a legacy. Not a hard drive or a virtual diary because it doesn’t reflect anything of my incredibly complicated yet fun personality. And I hit upon an idea. I want to revive the practice of writing letters in my life.

I remember writing letters to my then close friends who had moved away to different parts of the world. I used inland letters and fancy letter pads and decorated them with stickers. I included mundane happenings and philosophical thoughts of a teenager. I remember feeling giddy when the postman delivered letters and cards. With hurried fingers, I’d rip open the envelope and smell the letters. They’d smell of ink, sometimes perfume or food.

I remember writing “I love you” in French in one of my letters to a boy. He wrote back as usual but also said that his friends and he used all their detective abilities to figure out what I had written, but couldn’t figure that one out. Ah, life B.G. – Before Google! Pure joy! (I don’t think I ever told him what I had written.)

Looking back, receiving letters was more than just receiving news. It was also a sensory experience. I felt people (me included) wrote more from the heart. I did write long emails till a few years ago – actually till Facebook happened. Then it felt like there was nothing to write in emails.

Somehow today I feel differently. I feel differently even about my journal. I want to write of hopes and dreams. Of ideas and theories. Of little heartwarming incidents. And I want it to be a private experience.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal today:


So world, here I am. I am looking for a pen pal. Whether you’re someone I know well, or just as an acquaintance or not at all – if you want to write letters and cards and take a break from this tell-all culture, please leave me a message (I won’t approve it here, but I will read it and respond to you privately.)


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