What My Facebook Friends Don’t Know About Me

Posted on August 16, 2015


I have a toxic relationship with Facebook. It is the bane of my existence. I go off it several times a year and for weeks on end. But I always come back. What I know is, the time off from Facebook, finds me happier and more productive. I feel proud of myself as I am competing only with myself and I feel contented. I do not have a peer group to compare myself too, no worldly standards to adhere to or flout…in short, I can lead my own life. Whenever I open Facebook, I feel an intense pressure to travel or have babies or say something intellectually powerful or witty. Don’t get me wrong, I am downright amazing – I am smart, funny, passionate and overall an interesting dinner companion and some say even a great friend. But I didn’t used to need the world to stand by and clap! I used to enjoy dazzling people I used to meet in person rather than have people I haven’t seen in 20 years hit the “like” button just so that I would not be offended.

I am not my true self or rather my complete self on Facebook. This is a small list of things you might not know if you’re just a Facebook friend.

  1. I go to church every Sunday, or at least try to. I pray everyday. In English. I call out to Shakti Ma, whom my mother believed in when I need to overcome fear.
  2. I didn’t eat Bhindi or okra for several years because it never tasted like my mother made it. I now have my own version of it.
  3. I proposed to my husband (then boyfriend) in 2010.
  4. I practice a meditation called meditation on twin hearts which was the beginning of several life changing experiences I have ever had.
  5. I struggle with moderate body image issues.
  6. I have PCOS and have had surgery on both ovaries to remove large cysts.
  7. I suffer from a bad case of Facebook envy.
  8. I have four best friends. If you can name them, you are in my inner circle – this means that I love you very much, but we need to spend more time together so that I can say I have more best friends.
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my current favourite TV show.
  10. I don’t like classics – movies or books. I like classics in music – jazz, rock, old Hindi film songs.
  11. I battle with internet addiction. Yes, it interferes with my daily life. No, I have not considered rehab. Cutting out Facebook is enough.
  12. I run away from commitment – buying a house, getting a pet, having a child and even applying for Permanent Residency in Canada are all extremely scary prospects for me.
  13. There is one person whom I detest currently. Yes, it’s a real person. And only Sid knows about this person. I find it shameful that I detest them because I feel I should be above these things. If you’re one of my four best friends, you need to call me more! Shame on you! HA HA.
  14. My favourite food used to be dumplings or momos when I was a non-vegetarian. My current favourite food is Pho – which is a Vietnamese noodle soup usually made with pork broth, but Green Mango Boys near where I live has one with  veggie broth and it totally rocks!

How many of these did you know about me? If you’re interested in either my blog, pictures or my super ordinarily wonderful life, you may want to hit subscribe to that blog, because I am deleting my Facebook account on September 1, and I am not going to come back. I need this for me.