B: Bitch! (Post 2: A-Z of Feminism)

Posted on April 14, 2015


BitchI remember, while at TISS for my MSW, a classmate called me, “Bitch!”And I remember saying to her, “Don’t insult me! I’m not a bitch! I’m a super bitch!”

When I hear the word “Bitch,” I don’t think of it negatively. The first thing that comes to mind is uncompromising, someone who stands her ground. People in society don’t take it well. Women are supposed to be seen not heard. I know men who refer to their female peers or bosses as Bitch. What it basically means is she won’t fall for your excuses and she won’t sleep with you. I know at work when men are aggressive, they are thought of as being passionate and ambitious; most of the time when it comes to an aggressive woman – she is basically a bitch.

Bitch!Very often I have come across the usage of the word “bitch” to insinuate a woman is weak, mean, stupid. Sometimes it is used interchangeably to mean “slut” too.  I think it is because people want to take away the power of this word. They don’t want girls to know what the word really means and how powerful it can be for a woman to own the Bitch label!

I am not even saying that only men use this word to degrade women. In fact, I have heard it mostly from women. Tina Fey says it succinctly, “We have to stop calling each other sluts and bitches! It just makes it okay for men to call us that.” I want to rephrase that a bit, “Let’s call each other Bitch when we’re complimenting each other! Let’s reclaim the word!”

In my definition, a BITCH is someone who is:

1. Fearless

2. Opinionated

3. Powerful

4. An upstander

5. Unafraid of judgement

6. Secure

7. Fun

8. Fierce

9. A force to reckon with

10. Comfortable with herself

The video below describes my “Bitch” sentiment perfectly! I hope you enjoy it!

Have a fabulous day, Bitch!

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