Compliments I’d Give Myself

Posted on December 2, 2014


Today I felt a little jealous of someone who comes to my dance class, simply because she dances well. She is very nice to me and it makes me not like her even more. As a person, I am trying to compete less with others, and encourage myself to do better at the things I am involved in. I am also trying to keep things in perspective and appreciate myself for my good qualities/habits/traits. Often I find, I am quite self-aware and great at critiquing myself to the right level, but I am not always good at recognizing how much of myself I take for granted. Tonight before I go to bed, I just wanted to acknowledge all that I do for myself. So much of my self worth comes from being a social worker or a self-proclaimed crusader for social justice. But I need to acknowledge all the things about me FOR ME.

1. I work hard to constantly better myself. (In 2014, I have managed to walk away from almost every fight and come back with a more toned down and suitable response. It has enhanced my communication skills and improved my marriage tremendously.)

2. I have realistic expectations of myself. (For example, I allow myself to NOT like people.)

3. I am a good dancer. Not the best, but I am pretty good. (I always wanted to learn Kathak. At the age of 28, I enrolled myself in a class. I had to start from scratch in Toronto, but I have been doing it, and slowly rebuilding my skills.)

4. I have a great sense of humour and I am F.U.N! (Needs no explanation! Come hang out with me!)

5. I am a good cook even though I hate cooking. (You gotta have my dal! Yummm.)

6. I write well. (I like my blog. I feel it has something for everyone. My USP or Unique Selling Point is that I write posts which make people think.)

7. I like and respect myself. (I have learnt that when you like yourself, you teach others to respect you.)

8. I can accept the fact that some people hate me. (I can live with it without giving it a second thought. There were people in my school in Toronto who hated my guts and used my name as an insult! HA HA.)

9. I have gotten good at dealing with family. (I communicate what I need clearly. When I get upset and hang up on my dad, I call back and apologize. I have realistic expectations of them.)

10. I always rise when I fall. I never give up on myself. (I have had to re-evaluate my entire value system and parameters for success in the last few years. I have been down and out, but never off.)

I am going to bed extremely tired, but happy. I am glad I did this. When I began writing, I found it hard to even think of a few. Now, there’s a lot more I want to put on there. What are the top 10 things you love about yourself, and when was the last time you acknowledged yourself for it?


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