No WiFi!

Posted on November 29, 2014


A few days ago, I got a friendly warning from our internet service provider letting me know that we had used up 75% of our monthly data allowance. Yes, in Canada, we still have limited internet usage allowance. Unlimited data is pretty rare because it’s expensive. This limited usage is not very convenient for my marathon show-watching. Anyway, going back to this scary day. I was so very annoyed, surprised and worried. What if we go over the usage? To change the current package and upgrade to a higher allowance seemed silly since we were just a week away from the month being completed. Who uses 120GB of data in a month! The closest I had come to using in a month was 93GB. It wasn’t even about how much the over usage costs…it’s a mere 2$ per GB. However, to me it was like having to admit to myself that I am addicted to the internet! (I already know I am. I am pretty self-aware because, you see, I took a quiz on the internet!)

I steeled myself. We would have to data ration for a week. It still didn’t work. I used a minimum of 2GB a day and soon we got the notice that we had 0.33GB remaining till the cycle would end. A whole 24-hours later! I sent Sid a message letting him know that he wouldn’t be able to or rather shouldn’t use the wifi to stream videos of babies and dogs! At first he was like, “What’s the big deal, at most it will be a few bucks more!” But when he saw how distraught I was at the thought of having to pay more than plan pricing, he knew better than attempt to reason with me.

Now, I didn’t have much trouble keeping myself busy during the day as I had several appointments. However, as the sun set and the last appointment of the day was coming a close, I felt my stomach getting knotty. What were Sid and I gonna do at home without the internet? We usually eat in front of the TV or watch shows together before he goes to bed and I turn to “Words With Friends”. Were we really going to talk to have to talk to each other? For realz? Netflix makes marriage seem easy. You put on something on the idiot box. Sit on the couch and cuddle under the blanket. Easy-peasy!

When I got home, Sid had already eaten and heated dinner for me. I was about to start ranting about what we were gonna do when he suggested we play actual Scrabble. Like sit across from each other and play REAL Scrabble. With a real board and letters we could touch! Not on the phone like we usually did. What a brilliant idea!! He poured us a good whisky and eventually took the ass-whopping of a lifetime, again!

As I put the Scrabble away, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I can actually live without the internet. May be I am not addicted. Now if only I could tweet this!”

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