A Date With Instant Food

Posted on December 3, 2013


Honestly, I don’t want to write this post about what I ate today. I ate terribly unhealthy today. Why? Well…I was busy with school work due tomorrow. There were no groceries. I am battling the mother of all colds. It’s cold as the Arctic, but considered to be relatively “warm” at C! And I was homesick.

I woke up at 7.10AM. The phlegm still lodged safely in the crevices of my nose and throat that made it impossible for me to breathe. It was a fitful night. I almost didn’t want to go for the 8AM class. But a text from a girl who calls me “ACK-TA” pushed me out of bed. I was worried what I would eat for breakfast. Cereal and milk were out of question. Cold milk makes my congestion worse. And warm milk? Yuck. I open the freezer and see the last two pieces of frozen waffles. I smiled. I put them in the toaster and 2 minutes later, my soft, lightly browned 210 calorie waffles were ready. And no, I did not eat them with syrup. Because I couldn’t open the jar. Damn you Costco.

I made myself two cups of ginger tea. Spicy. There’s a trick to that. Use old, drying ginger and grate it mercilessly into your steeping tea. It was just what I needed. My mood picked up. There were no fruits in the house, so I packed no snacks for the 3-hour class. I only took my extra cup of tea. The class was long and the tea too little! During the break, I went to the Tim Horton’s on campus. Yayyy, they were running a promotion. I got a free Humber Student Federation (HSF) mug. And the icing on the cake was the free beverage! I got myself a hot chocolate. They were gonna give me a free bagel too! Those bitches! I resisted. For the record, I drank less than half of the hot chocolate.

For lunch, I had maggi. For those of you who’re not from India or Guyana or Mexico, that’s the best instant noodles in the world, ok? I broke an egg in it and added Italian herbs, plus a slice of fat-free cheese. It was heaven. Especially since I devoured it while watching the hottest guy on television, Seeley Booth. Bliss. Had a piece of Trader Joes chocolate for dessert. Double bliss.

I was working on an assignment all day. Didn’t even get time to snack in between. Just had an orange at some point in the afternoon. I can see my homeopath rolling her eyes. She doesn’t like me to eat fruits after lunch. But I was so hungry.

For dinner, I opened a can of baked beans, put some hot store-bought-preservative-free salsa in it and ate it with a hot roti with Laughing Cow 25-calorie jalapeno cheese.

That’s it. This is what I ate today. The point of this is to make you really hungry in the middle of the day/night and think of me. So what food choice are you going to make?

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