5 Pet Peeves

Posted on December 2, 2013


Sorry, my 30-day challenge took a mini vacation for thanksgiving! Sid and I drove 6.5 hours to surprise his parents who just arrived in Pittsburgh a few days ago! Heavy snow and long immigration lines later, the sheer joy on their faces was totally worth it! Isn’t it amazing, the little things we do can bring unabashed joy to the lives of people we love?

Writing about pet peeves is easy. So many things annoy me. Daily. But these are ones I encounter most often.

1. The toilet seat being left up: I like the toilet seat to be left down. And men don’t. My husband, friends, father…all of them leave the seat up. I hate it. Whether it’s at my house or at anyone else’s, if I find the toilet seat up, it irks me. If you want to read more about the lengths to which I have gone to train my husband to put it down, click here.

2. Poor facebook etiquette: Social networking is here to stay. It’s an inevitable part of our daily lives. Yet people don’t learn how to conduct themselves! I hate being tagged in unflattering pictures. I completely hate it when random people friend me. I wholeheartedly hate it when people merely write “happy birthday” on my wall! I know they’re being nice, but seriously, how long does it take to type a message to go along with it?! Imagine I call you and merely say “Happy birthday” and stop. Don’t say anything further. Well, according to me, facebook is kind of talking without actually opening your mouth. I’d rather have fewer birthday wishes, but genuine and thoughtful wishes.

3. Poor driving etiquette: People who drive in the fast/left lane at 30km/hr in a 60/hr zone on empty roads really bugs me! On the other hand, people zigzagging their way and putting my car in danger also irritates me. I just want people to be their nice, sunny selves while on the road and distribute their nicety along the way! Too much to ask, isn’t it?!

4. SMS lingo: When I was little, my father hammered it into my brain that spellings were important. The convent school I went to emphasized the importance of grammar and sentence structure in language and communication. So when I gt msgs lk ths, it tks me a mlln mns 2 fg ot wht thyr tryn 2 sy. I don’t understand the difference between “to” and “2”. I can’t believe that one’s fingers will fall off if they type two letters instead of one! In the early 2000s, when messaging was being charged at astronomical rates, this type of space-saving-mind-boggling typing was understandable. But today? And on facebook? And in emails? What’s the excuse, beats me!

5. People saying that my husband is henpecked: Just because I’m loud, just because I’m open, just because I can openly make fun of my husband, just because I am strong about my views, just because I have a voice in my marriage…doesn’t automatically mean I whip my husband’s arse! I think it not only labels me negatively, it also tries to take away my power, say nothing of insulting my husband! No one has the right to judge anyone else’s marriage. Period.

What are your pet peeves?

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