How I Turned Around A Crappy Day

Posted on November 24, 2013


Originally this post is supposed to see me bullet-ize my whole day. I love bullet points, but I also feel like I need a reason to bullet-ize!

I have been having some interpersonal issues with a couple of people since a few days. It got to a point where even an innocuous text message from them or coming across one of their activities on facebook was giving me palpitations. Today was no different. I woke up feeling like a stone had been tied to my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I am not saying it was only their fault. But I was feeling miserable! So here’s what I did:

“A leafless tree and cold blue skies, make my heart sing and my spirit rise!”

1. I looked at a very soothing picture and connected a happy memory with it.

2. I thought of someone who had “real” problems and overcame them. (Felt a little better, till I saw something on facebook.)

3. I shared my feelings with Sid and tried to take his advice. But he was suggesting some things I could do differently. Imagine!! Me!! (*sigh*)

4. I got really angry with Sid for trying to help and cried really hard. I felt all my angry energy get spent.

5. I let Sid make me a cup of tea and hug me.

6. I went to church and prayed. I prayed for wisdom and inner resilience for myself and compassion for the people I am having issues with. I prayed for all of us to be filled with god’s love and grace.

6.1 While in church, I also took long and deep inhales and exhales. It really helped. About twenty of those. I would have ascended to heaven had I continued. So I stopped.

7. I came home and sent her a sweet email. She was equally nice to me in response. The stone from my heart lifted.

8. I ate fruits that give me anti-oxidants – grapes and blueberries.

9. I spent the evening with Sid playing games from childhood. If you’re Indian, you probably know “Uma Joshi ye ye ye” and “zig zag zoo”!

10. I am now alone at home watching a movie on Netflix.

And I hereby consider my day turned around. This is documented mainly for me, in future when I am being silly about something else. All I need is a spark of optimism…yea a wee bit…a good cry, Sid’s hugs, a heartfelt prayer, a reality check about my role in my problems, some fruit and mindless TV and voila…mood changed!

How do you go about turning your day around?