5 Ways to Win My Heart

Posted on November 21, 2013


My blog has been post-less for four months. I wasn’t feelin’ it. My regular readers were beginning to get concerned. Heck, I was beginning to get a little concerned. So my friend Anju sent me a 30-day challenge. I am gonna do it! So here’s day one.

1. Be kind to the invisible people: This is about taking time out to acknowledge and form a relationship with those who would otherwise be invisible in this world. Take your pick – it could be the service providers like waiters, bus drivers, receptionists, etc. Or it could be people who are marginalized because of their body size, appearance, socio-economic status, color, sexuality, religious beliefs, etc. Basically, anyone that your reference group would normally not acknowledge! Our world is so filled with judgement. We’re constantly dismissing people for being too poor, dumb, fat, ugly, stupid, etc. So if I see you having a genuine moment with someone you wouldn’t necessarily need to, I would really adore you! One of the reasons I love my husband is because he taught me an important lesson this Valentine’s Day.

2. Cook and clean for me: I hate cooking. I hate eating out. So if you feed me home-cooked vegetarian food, I will be yours forever. And cleaning means tidying up after me, loading the dishwasher, folding my laundry, taking out the recycling, etc. Not even every day. Just once in a way. And not all of it. Just some of it. One if it? No? Whaaa!

3. Hang out with me: I miss having roommates. I have a husband who is never around. Some days I just miss having someone around to do nothing with. You know, have a drink, watch shows, go shopping, chill in the hot tub…and after a few hours, go to different rooms and read/do whatever we want. Basically, be around, without having to talk all the time. Yes, Sid and I do this often. But it sucks because it’s usually on the weekend, and I like to go out on weekends. Weekdays, I like them to be low-key. A pity he’s never there!

One of my favorite necklaces

One of my favorite necklaces

4. Buy me junk jewelry: I am a sucker for accessories. Necklaces, earrings, rings, belts, etc. I love them all. I like colors and metal and big and chunky stuff! The bolder, the better.

5. Read my blog and leave me comments: A lot of my self-worth comes from writing. When someone reads my blog and comments on it, I feel validated. Even if it is not in agreement with my post; as long as it’s respectful, you will get into my A list.

There, I’m pretty easy to please. And let me tell you, I thought this was going to be easy. But it took 4 hours to write this post! Wow, I am rusty. I hope it gets better. I have exams and submissions coming up from next week. I don’t want to break the 30-day challenge! So are you ready to show me some lovin’?

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