My Introduction to God in Spanish

Posted on June 16, 2013


View from the school in El Progresso

View from the school in El Progresso

I spent the last week in the small, remote village of El Progresso in El Salvador. I was part of an 8-member team from Willow Creek Community Church, Chicago, that went to work on a school project in this village in the mountains, untouched by Facebook or the internet.

Working at this school came close to being at the doorway of heaven. Imagine being on a playground where the backdrop is green valleys and mountains! On our first afternoon at the school, we had some free time. It was wonderful to observe the children in their natural element. I flitted from conversation to conversation, from little ones to older ones, from girls to boys, from soccer to jumping rope. Till the sounds of the guitar and a Spanish song began to draw me to where a group of Salvadorian boys were! 

For a long time, I stood there mesmerized. I asked my team mates if they knew the name of the song or what they were singing about, but everyone was as clueless as I was. I began humming the tune; the tune beckoned me. I was hovering around them, trying to find someone who could translate the song for me. I felt like it was speaking to something deep inside of me. I was convinced it was a worship/gospel song. I have no idea why I thought it was, but I was certain. I decided to record the boys playing the song, and have someone translate it for me later. Here’s the small clip. Sorry for the jumpy video.

I finally found our bilingual host staff member! He told me that it was a worship song. The translation of the song is:

“I know you can heal me, I know you can make me clean, I know you can heal the wounds of my soul, heal the deep wounds of all pain.”

In that one moment, I felt a deep connection to God. Something I have been missing since 2013 began. The week in El Progresso, a village that not even Salvadorians know about, has been uplifting and humbling. The faith with which these abjectly poor people pray has been inspiring. I have vouched to be more mindful in my prayers and spirituality for the rest of this year, and see if it makes a difference in me.

And if that’s not a meeting with God, I don’t know what is! Here’s the original by Jorge Morel. It’s been playing on loop since morning 🙂

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