My Experiences With Motherhood – III

Posted on July 24, 2011


To get a background of this post, you may want to read the previous ones.

My husband and I went to a waterpark with a few friends. Among our friends was a couple and their 6-year old son. Sid and I were left alone for a while with the handsome li’l boy. We decided to do a few rides.

The first one was called “Plunge“. It is basically a slide with a few bumps and curves. Sound simple? Well, here’s the thing. You lie down on a foam sheet and come down head first. There are handles you can hold. But basically you’re coming down headfirst from 30 feet. Apparently our ward had done this slide 6 times at another waterpark. So the husband and I were confident of keeping him busy while his parents finished their lunch. We took our respective foam sheets and started walking up the stairs to the slide. Honestly, I had expressed my dislike for rides that go headfirst and every step we took, nauseated me further. I told Sid that. But he insisted I should just do it and that it was a harmless ride. I decided I wouldn’t say anything further. Of course I didn’t want Sid to think I was being unnecessarily fearful nor did I want to deter the child. But inwardly I had made up my mind to back out once the other two had ridden the slide and reached the bottom.

When we reached the top I suggested that Sid should go first, and wait at the bottom for the boy, who would go second. And I would go in last. Sid finished his turn. As the little boy got on to the slide, he began to have second thoughts. He started shaking and told me with tears in his eyes that he didn’t want to do it because he was scared. I said, “It’s all right. Get off the slide. It’s all right to be scared.” I admit my response was to make sure that we didn’t get booed by the people in the line behind us. The boy was shaking hard, and his eyes brimmed with tears. He told me, “Please hold my hand. I am very scared.” I held his hand and hugged him. I told him we would go down the stairs and go find his mom and dad. After a few minutes of holding me tight, his sobs stopped. I thought, with great relief, that I had an excuse to not do the ride now. But he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Ok, I am ready to go.” I was stunned, happy and annoyed – all at once. I requested the people in line to allow the little traitor to go first. He got on to the slide, looked at me all vulnerably and asked, “You promise I will be ok?” I said yes with so much conviction that it surprised me. And off he went…! And in 5 seconds he was at the bottom. Jumping and skipping, he rushed into my husband’s arms.

Now it was my turn. I turned to find that a long queue had formed behind both the slides. I told myself that we had already delayed the queues once and that we shouldn’t do it again. So I turned to take the stairs. But the line was so long and thick that it was impossible to go down the stairs. I looked down to see my husband looking at me expectantly and the little boy waving to me. I took a deep breath and requested to be allowed to go first.

As I placed my foam sheet on the slide, my heart skipped a beat. I told myself I would just close my eyes and it would be over in 5 seconds. I got on to the slide. But I couldn’t close my eyes. I was mesmerized by the scenery from the top. People milling about. The trees, the rides. It looked so amazing. And off I went. WHOOOOOOSH. And before I knew it, I was at the bottom. The little boy came running into my arms and shouted, “Ekta Aunty, wasn’t that fun…Come…let’s do it again!”

And I was ready.

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