Do You Have 5 Minutes?

Posted on May 25, 2011


“I am not as spiritual as you!” These are words I have heard most often in the last few years. A lot of us are unhappy in our situations. A lot us would like our lives to change a little bit. We put in all our effort to make something happen and then it just doesn’t and we’d like to just stop. A lot of people talk to me about this. And I have just one response. Pray. Put your best foot forward and pray. Not for success. Not for your dreams to come true. But pray for strength to deal with failure and the grace and humility to deal with the success.

In the last 3 years, prayers have never failed me. I have failed to pray for long periods of time. But when I have prayed over something genuinely and consistently for a while (not long, quite short in fact!), they have always been answered. It’s about the rest of your life. It takes 5 minutes to do it. You don’t even have to believe that it will work. But do it with genuine feeling. With love.

Praying is nothing but “talking aloud”. Talk to God or a higher power or an angel. Talk to her like you’d talk to your friend. Give voice to your fears, hopes, dreams. Say it out loud. I don’t know if there is God. But I know that this has worked for me. I like to believe this is God. The rituals of going to temple or church or gurudwara are great, they keep us on track. But you have to give voice to your inner feelings – good and bad. Say your shlokas and read your Bible and Quran. But talk in your words to your God, angel, higher power.

Once upon a time, I was a desolate person, with no hope or strength to carry on. I am now out there. I fall, but I rise. And that is what prayers have done for me. And not just for me, but for people around me too. You see, I pray for them too. I wouldn’t be happy just being happy by myself. I want the world to be happy. I want it all.

The question is, “Do you HAVE 5 minutes?”

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