A Run in the Rain

Posted on April 7, 2011


Today, I ran in the rain,

Without any aim,

Not to seek shelter,

Nor to enjoy the weather!


The streets ran with me,

The homes, they moved away,

The wind was against me,

But I ran anyway!


I had no place to be,

Or no situation to flee,

I had no one chase,

Or any meeting to make!


I never was bound, but I felt free,

I’m no big sinner, but I felt clean,

I ran unabashed, I ran for me,

I loved my sprint, my one-girl jamboree!


My mind didn’t give up, and my legs didn’t tire,

I ran as if I’d struck gold,  as if I was on fire,

I accomplished nothing, and I lost nothing either,

I wanted nothing but to run, I had no other desire.


I ran alone, amok, in the rain today.


– For Henri, because she peeped out of me a little once again!

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