Sunday Snippets: The Wedding 10

Posted on February 20, 2011


A new series that I am going to write weekly. It will have a series of questions (which will change every week) and I will post my responses to them.

A. It’s 12 days to your wedding, state 3 words that describe what you feel.

panic, fear, excitement

B. If you could change 1 thing about yourself at this moment, what would it be?

my weight, for sure.

C. What is the 1 thing you’re most looking forward to about being married?

cozy mornings 🙂 and setting up our house together.

D. Which 3 things you think your honeymoon SHOULD have?

beach, good weather and plush hotel!

E. If you were going to church tomorrow, what would you pray for?

ability to tide through the next few weeks with dignity and complete poise

F. What song do you want as your first dance as a couple?

can’t think of something that I’d die for…so I’d go for “Stand by Me”

G. What is the 1 thing related to the wedding that no one knows about?

Nope, I have been very open. Everyone knows everything 😉

H. If you could, which celebrity would you choose as your “maid of honour” and why?

hmmm…any famous designer…because then she’d not mind gifting a flowing white gown that I can wear in the privacy of my hotel room and feel awesome.

I. What is the 1 thing you wish you could buy for the wedding?

more comfortable platform heels that make me taller and are super comfortable to dance in

J. What is the best gift to give you for the wedding?

1 month of prayers for the husband and me 🙂

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