My Battle With Music

Posted on February 16, 2011


I hear a lingering note

Descending from crescendo.

It’s haunting and taunting,

Leaves me strangely wanting…

A serenity that I had once known,

I don’t like music anymore.


The mocking melodies

Paralyse my soul,

And the meaningful lyrics

Remind me of young dreams,

Yet unfulfilled and left alone,

I don’t like music anymore.


Music was me, a ME long gone,

I am now different, I don’t need no song,

I am like every other who simply lives on,

I don’t dream, or hope, or fly or soar,

I don’t dive into deep waters, I cling to the shore,

I don’t like music anymore.


Music is unsafe, it penetrates my heart of stone,

It draws me in, and out of my comfort zone,

I resist it and fight it and try to erase it from my core,

Yet somehow it enters, through an unattended door,

Music is here, I can’t ignore it anymore.






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