10 Random Thoughts From Today

Posted on February 6, 2011


Date: February 6th 2011

1. I am going to miss India when I go to live in America. India is a huge mess…like my room. But there’s no place I’d rather call home…just like my room 🙂

2. God is taking over my life. I was freaking out till yesterday about the big O but today, I feel strangely comforted and ready.

3. My sister and my brother-in-law complete 13 years of marriage today. I wish my marriage is as solid as theirs…a marriage that thrives irrespective of ups and downs.

4. I must be growing up. I am dealing with people’s reactions quite well. Even reactions which hurt me, I am able to empathize with.

Love makes the world go round!

5. I feel worthless when I am not working or helping the world.

6. I need to write to feel alive.

7. The wedding is going to be awesome. It is stressing me out right now I know, but when I see Amma, Appa and Pappa smiling and satisfied, it is going to make me feel really happy.

8. Siddharth…he’s a good guy. I need to appreciate him a lot more than I do.

9. I have great friends. They make my life so much better. I love Namita, Jasmine, Chani and Palak. I need to tell them more often how much they mean to me.

10. Pappa needs to get his “sleep apnea” treated. He gave me a scare last night in his sleep. He couldn’t breathe.

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