The Home Coming

Posted on December 9, 2010


I’d come home for I lost

Another battle on the turf of life,

I’d left with pride, with dreams, with hope,

I was back – cowed – beaten – I couldn’t cope.


I sat by the window – alone and unmoving,

Watching the world progress and pass me by,

I heard, but didn’t heed, the call of people, my own,

I rejected the smells, the sights, the familiarity of home.


I longed for the glory that I once thought would be mine,

I came back only because I’d lost that fight,

If it were up to me, I’d have never returned,

I’d have stayed put, and waited my turn.


How angry I was at the kindness being shown,

To me – the failure, my flaws now publicly known!

I wish they’d mock, jeer and push me around,

Make me pay – I wish they’d punish me sound.


And just like that, I begin to eat again,

And laugh at a joke every now and then!

I feel relaxed and happy, just as I breathe,

I grow stronger each day, I find my feet.


Now a voice deep inside speaks to me,

Out in world, that’s where you ought to be,

Take baby steps, walk slowly, and then break into a run,

The battle is lost, but the war is yet to be won!

For Henri, who’s never afraid to go home and for those who think they shouldn’t!

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