The Woman I Love

Posted on December 4, 2010


I love her, for she is imperfection,

Her nose too big, her eyes too small,

Her teeth – crooked, her lips pink, but thin,

Yet she loves the mirror, her reflection,

She loves herself, her imperfection.


I love her for she is vain,

The swagger in her hip, the stall in her step,

She looks calm, cocky, overly confident,

She looks at me and half-smiles with disdain,

She’s too sure of herself, she’s vain.


I love her for she is crass,

She tells it like it is, no holds barred,

Her clothes revealing – showing off her body and spirit,

Wanton and free,  nothing to hide, no lies, no farce,

Her eyes tell me she knows she’s crass.


I love her for she is Her,

Her own lord, her own God,

Her own lover, friend and enemy,

I love every bit of  Her,

The very woman I cannot be!

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