Have You Ever Noticed…

Posted on November 28, 2010


…that people on Facebook put up quotes by so-called “famous” people as their status messages when they have no idea what they’re “famous” for. Come on, for the love of God, who the hell is Ellery Sedgwick! And if you knew who this person was before googling this, then good for you pal! But I’m sure you don’t know who Marsha Sinetar is!

…that no one would write “Facebooking” as a hobby anywhere, not even on Facebook, but spend hours doingΒ  just that?

…that the best sports coaches might NOT have had glistening careers themselves? So I guess, failure does teach you something after all!

…that you never complained about the heat while playing in the afternoon sun as a child!

…that the number of failed marriages and relationships doesn’t take away the thrill of falling in love?

…that no matter how unimportant the other person is, but knowing someone doesn’t like us, will bother most of us at least for a while!

…that most people we consider as “enlightened” souls spent (spend) a great amount of time NOT dealing with the here ‘n’ now?

…that it’s easier to forgive than forget…and till you forget, it’s not really forgiven?

…that most of us (who’re not gay) would secretly feel proud if we knew that someone of the same sex found us to be attractive?

…that sitting at a cafe alone, reading a book or writing something, is considered “cool” or “artsy”; but do that in a fancy restaurant and people will give you strange looks!

…that most of us pray whenever we’re in dire straits, and even if God does answer our prayers, we still don’t make it a habit to pray everyday without fail!

…that most people cannot be indifferent to their siblings? You either love ’em or hate ’em, but you cannot just ignore ’em!

…that whenever we’re down, hitting the lowest of lows, rock bottom; but there’s always someone who’s had it worse! (It should cheer us up, or make us thankful, yet a lot of us would feel irritated for a split second that we don’t even have the worst sorrow in the world!)

…that most of us are inclined to cheat on a game if no one is looking! I know I am, even though I know that I am not going to win!

…that for the longest time, my posts have been in bullets! It’s getting annoying, but I can’t seem to stop!!! HEEEELLLLPPP.

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