Being 19 @ 29!

Posted on November 18, 2010


My previous post was “Freshly Pressed” and my blog got more than 7000 hits in less than 24hrs! It’s been an overwhelming and exhilarating 24-hrs! More than 60 bloggers liked my post and an amazing number of people from across the world commented and told me that they could relate to the transitions I had described i.e.  from being 20 to hitting 30 soon.

And as promised previously…here’s my list of things I have been doing, thinking, feeling and that just don’t change…

Yes, that's soup, but it's a cute picture and it's MY blog, right? 😉

1. This has to be my number 1 – I simply HAVE to eat Maggi once a week even now. It’s my comfort food. I crave for it especially when there’s a lot of work or a great program on television. Nope, no popcorn for me. It’s Maggi all the way. For those who don’t know Maggi, go to the nearest Indian store and buy yourself a packet of 2-mins Maggi noodles by Nestle. FYI – It takes about 5-6 minutes to be ready.

2.I still promise myself every night that I will go to bed at 11. And I still am awake till 1AM everyday. I still promise myself that I will get up at 6.00AM and go for a run. Now, I even have an incentive, I live by the sea. But still, I consistently wake up only after 8AM. Well, full marks for my consistency, eh? No?

3. I faithfully cut my hair every year. Preferably something really short. And after a few weeks, I begin to

Left: February 2010, Right: March 2010, Nov 2010: Bad, so no pic!

lament. When will my hair grow again. I’ve never had the same haircut for more than 2 months. And right now, I am in the “I want long and lustrous hair” phase. That’s my way of being miserable. Some people just love trouble. Well, better my hair than my soul, what say?

4. I stand in front of the mirror for hours, put on one outfit after the other (yea, without reason du-h, just for time-pass) and see how it looks on me. So when I actually have to go out, I know exactly what I need to wear. I can be out of the house in 15 minutes looking like I’ve spent hours dressing up.

5. Even now I like to have long phone conversations. I always could and still can hold the phone for hours, talk rubbish, exchange gossip, make dinner, sew buttons back on shirts, chat with other people, edit work documents, all at once. I take multi-tasking to another level. Yea, other people don’t like it so much. Roberto doesn’t mind. But I’ve always had issues with other people. I call (and sometimes they do too, I promise) and then just start talking. It was the same a decade ago, it’s the same now. After a few minutes, I will hear the other person say, “Yea, great. But listen, I’m gonna have to call you back.” First, the caller/callee would say, “Mom’s calling.” and now it’s, “Oh, it’s my boss calling. Gotta go.” Nah, I don’t give up. I just apologise and do the same thing the next time.

Egg and Sprouts Salad + Sticky Brown Rice: Never recreated!

6. I have always been a decent cook and now I am even better. Only there’s a small problem. I can never re-create a dish. It will never taste the same a second time. The reason? I just don’t measure anything. I don’t collect ingredients. I don’t follow recipes. I just stand in the kitchen, chop vegetables, throw them all into the fire, put whatever masalas I want, and voila! I have a tasty dish ready to eat. It will always taste good. Just not the same.

7. My temper…wow…it’s still there. Do not – No, wait…DO NOT get on to my nerves especially at that time of the month unless you want to get a taste of what a vicious tongue is like. Yea, and just about anything can annoy me. For e.g. You: “Hey E! Can I borrow your pen?” Me: “My pen? MY pen? MY PEN? MY PEEENNNNNN??? Next you’ll ask for my kidney!” Ok, I’m kidding. I am a really nice person with a wee bit of ill temper. Always had it. Been working on it, it’s a lot better now. But it’s there.

8. While I might pick up my dresses days in advance, but I am still a last-minute person for just about everything else. I have to build up the pressure to do a great job! If I do something well in advance, it’s likely to come out okay-okay. But if I do something when a deadline is nearing, I’m likely to get better ideas and brainwaves and do a fantastic job. YES, even creative things. My jobs have always had a creative element in them. It’s like this –  If I am NOT up all night or NOT struggling to stay alive or NOT diving into a frenzy, then I won’t feel like my work is any good and that I have achieved SOMETHING.

9. Once a rebel, always a rebel. I hate rules. I hate being told what is expected out of me. For e.g. My dad used to tell me to not cut my hair, that I look fabulous with long hair, etc. So what did I go? Of course, I sported really, really, really short hair all through college. And now Roberto says, I look great with short hair, so what am I going to do? Bang on, grow my hair as long as it can grow and I can manage! I always want what others don’t want. It’s simple. Yep, I will never really grow up.

10. I still make personal entries in my journal. But the secret is, I always write them thinking someone else is going to read them. It’s weird I know. It’s like creating a twisted truth…bu ha ha ha ha.

P.S.  Pls note my feeble attempt at humour in this post and applaud my valiant effort. I am NOT a funny blogger. But hey, I tried.

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