The Journey

Posted on September 23, 2010


The theme is not original, I agree. But it just flowed out as I was reading someone else’s blog. I need to find my own answers to the questions I don’t even know I may have. Mine come to me when I write.


The dust at my feet tells me I’ve come a long way,

My feet are bare, but not worn,

When I look back, I see my footprints in the sand,

I can run back, but should I?

If I run back, I might be lost,

The winds may cover my tracks,

But if I walk on, I will create new roads

And I will find new friends,

The past will be hazy, and soon nothing of it will remain.

A new place I may not like,

But I don’t have to stay,

Just pause for a while, before I go again,

With my bare feet into the horizon,

My feet – rested, eager, to continue their find,

And this time I will not look behind,

Footprints in the sand are meant to be erased.

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