My Favourite 20 Minutes of the Day

Posted on September 16, 2010


In an ideal world we would all have time to reflect – a few minutes for ourselves away from the hullabuloo of daily lives. But in the real world, we have to make time for ourselves.

When there’s so little time for ourselves, where is the time to invest in relationships…get to know your spouse, your children, forget your neighbours. And there is even less time to think about God.

Yes, G.O.D. – the creator, the keeper, the protector…you know? This post has been inspired by the same sentence or thought being thrown in front of me since the last few days…”Those who joyfully leave everything in God’s hands.. will eventually see God’s hand in everything.. worries end where faith begins.”

Ok, so I have talked about prayer in a few posts before. But this is different. This is not about “how” to pray and whether prayers work. This is simply about how prayers make me feel.

So Roberto and I, well, we have this thing…we pray together…yes, it’s over the phone since we live in different countries and time zones. But we still manage to pray together at least 3-4 times a week. And yes, these are my favourite 20 minutes of the day. We take turns to pray. When we pray, I feel all my worries metamorphose into determination and all my negativity melts into things gone by. As I (actually we, but this is MY experience, so won’t speak for Roberto) confess my bad deeds for the day, I feel renewed with a vigour of not doing those things tomorrow. No, I never feel guilt at the end of a prayer, because I am forgiven…not just by God, but by myself.

I like to tell God about the small things that made me smile and I thank Her/Him for the small blessings…I like to joke with God too…I like to believe that She/He gets fed up of being called for help or listening to whining every minute of every hour of everyday…so some days I try not to complain. Like last night, I made up a funny poem in praise of God, just impromptu in the middle of a prayer, and it was fun. I heard Roberto smile, even through the phone. It warms my heart to hear him smile…and when we both feel warm, I can feel God feel warm and fuzzy inside. I sometimes imagine that God tells others proudly, “You see them? I’m responsible for their smiles. Aren’t they beautiful…those two?”

And one last thing…Roberto said he was taught by his parents that “Families that pray together, stay together.” Do we as families actually do that? No, I am not talking about reading the Bible or the Bhagwad Geeta or the Koran. I mean, sitting down for a few minutes and saying whatever is in our hearts.

Roberto and I are super different. The only things common between us is the fact that we’re both human and like spicy food! So we have different opinions 99 times out of 100. We fight and row…so when we pray, we just say, “Let this not be about who’s right! Let this be about the best decision. Let this be about a joint decision.” When there are petty fights, during prayer, I at least try to think whether I mean the horrible things I say to him (mostly NO, obviously!), and then thank God for bringing and keeping him in my life. And as I say thank you to God for all the wonderful things that Roberto does for me…I am washed over by a calmness and a spirit of gentleness that makes me want to just forgive and forget. I find that our fights are much shorter and hardly ever leave and residual bitterness. I think this is a very important part that maintains my relationship.

I like wishing God, good evening, good morning, good night…makes the whole thing seem a lot more informal…makes the whole thing more real…like talking to a friend!

And that’s just it…God is my friend…and spending 20 minutes with my friend and soon-to-be spouse is my favourite 20 minutes of the day. It makes me go through the day blithe and with peace through the night.

Thank you God for the wonderful day by the beach today…it’s amazing to observe the sea sans the crowd. Love you. Amen.

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