Posted on August 24, 2010


Why aren’t there pictures of you and me?
Why didn’t we think of immortalizing our time?
Our short stint with love and life,
Why didn’t we keep our moments alive?

Why aren’t there songs written by you and me?
Why didn’t we eulogize our special bond?
Our childlike games and guileless dance,
Why didn’t we write when we had the chance?

Why aren’t there people who can replace you?
Why is our love so special and unique?
Our secret language of smiles and tears,
Why didn’t you stay to quell my fears?

Why aren’t there answers to the questions I ask?
Why is my quest so endless yet futile?
This search, this need to find you again,
Why did I let you fly away then?

Had started writing this for mom, but now, doesn’t fit so…

To no one in particular 🙂
August 24th, 2010 | Henri

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