Things I Don’t Want To Do!

Posted on July 10, 2010


Recently, I have come across those about to turn 30 (in the case of the male sex, 35) and who have all these to-do lists about the things they’d like to do before they’re 30 or 35, or whatever their magic age, before which they have to feel accomplished. And there are some who’re more lenient with themselves and have these goals to achieve before they “DIE”, which of course I think is ridiculous, because no one can know exactly how much time they have before they die. It could be tomorrow! Do you really want to live your last day thinking about all the things you didn’t do? Hell, no!

A chance conversation with Sudeshna made me realise that I don’t really want a lot of things that people usually want. And I thought, why not I list down the top 3 things I DON’T want to do! N.E.V.E.R. E.V.E.R.


1. Travel the world – I hate planes, trains, buses, boats…you get the drift. Even travel shows bore me. I hate travelling. Before I leave for a trip, no matter how short, I crib and cry. Jokes apart. I’d much rather collect all my friends in Cubbon Park (or any other Park) and have a picnic. Plus, I like that I am imaginative. I like to think of far off places and create magical lands in my head. I never want to know what A. or B. is like! I like my fantasies.

Poo, Boo and Chani at a REAL BEACH in India

1.1 Visit Leh/Ladakh/Alaska/Antarctica and any other cold place – I am mentioning these places very specifically because I hate the cold. I never want to pay to torture myself. Living in a cold place like Michigan or Boston is fine…there’s heat indoors, right? But this is sheer torture. Those tents, bulky clothing, awful food. Yea yea, pretty scenery and all that. Well, you know what? Beaches are pretty, AND they’re warm. So give me a beach over a mountain (covered with snow) any day.

Roberto at Stinson Beach, San Francisco, California

Edited on 18/7/2010 – I was just lazy to make the edit, but thank you to Purely Narcotic for pointing out there are beaches which are freezing. Of course I knew that. I lost a camera to Stinson Beach in San Francisco! It was the most breathtaking place I have ever visited, but the coldest and the windiest as well! The sand got into my camera and it’s been dead ever since. R.I.P. So from now on, when I mean BEACHES, I mean REAL beaches, which are warm, like Goa, Sri Lanka, Florida, Thailand, etc.

2. Bungee jump or go sky diving – I don’t need to push any limits to get an adrenalin rush. Pillow fights give me an adrenalin rush, plus they leave me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. When I am in an airplane, I have to pray and chant constantly, till I land. I have a morbid fear of plummeting to my death. So you see sky diving is totally out.

P.S. This category includes all adventure sports…ALL.

3. Strive to find the meaning of life or search for truth – That doesn’t mean that I am not philosophical. I am full of that shit. It’s just that I am pretty clear that life has a purpose, and if you trust yourself enough, it will find you. In my case, my purpose has already found me – it is helping others. And I already know what the truth is. It doesn’t exist. Hey, I already said I am full of that shit.

I have realised the only thing I really want to do is to find a place (not an apartment, but a city/town) where I feel at home. I have never felt that in any of the cities I have lived in. Not even the city where I spent the first 23 years of my life! My only search is for home, a place where I find equilibrium. A place that doesn’t make me run anymore.

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