Football Frenzy

Posted on July 7, 2010


This World Cup didn’t begin well with me. Initially I was constantly sad that my dad or my buddy Rajiv weren’t around for me to bet and spar with. However, my new flatmate got me hooked with her enthusiasm and I was back to my old self, jeering and booing Brazil and Argentina and rooting for Portugal and Germany. Yea, it’s kinda sad that Portugal failed. But whom am I kidding…except for Ronaldo, there’s no real reason I support them!

After scoring the 1st goal against Argentina in the 2010 Quarter Final

But I have been following Germany since 2002! I used to love Oliver Kahn. I simply admired how big, yet swift and precise he was. Needless to say, my hatred for Brazil strengthened when they trounced Kahn’s men in his last ever World Cup!

The 2010 quarter final between Germany and Argentina on July 3rd was just unbelievable. I watched the match with my extended family to be. It was my first real meeting with them and there I was punching the air and yelling and shouting as Klose scored his two goals, making him just 2 goals short of surpassing the Brazilian Ronaldo’s record. Oh, they were supporting Argentina! Some people may call me brave. I just think I am passionate about football.

And today, I feel I crossed the fence and got into the elite club of fanatic football fans. So, mi amor, Roberto and I have this daily ritual. We pray together. We take turns to say the daily morning/evening prayer. This morning was my turn. As I ended the prayer, I said, “And dear Lord, I pray that Germany beats Spain in an exciting match.” To which, Roberto said, “Hey, I want Spain to win, this is so not fair!” I said, “Well, it’s my turn to pray, so you gotta listen to what I have in mind.”

When I narrated this incident to Roberto’s mom, she said, “The only football-related prayer I said this time was after Japan lost to Paraguay. One of their players looked so sad that I had to pray for him, his family for strength to get over it.”

Well, what can I say, we’re gonna be one football crazy family!

Note: This post was written before Germany’s dismal performance in the semi finals against Spain. It took me a long time to get out of bed the morning after, and not just because I stayed up too late to watch the match.

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