I Like Being 29 Because…

Posted on June 2, 2010


This post might come across as boring and cliche! A lot of women bloggers have written this post in recent times (or I have noticed it only now because I identify with them NOW) and I have decided to join the bandwagon. Not because I have to fit in. But simply because I understand now the importance of writing this post.

I turned 29 on June 1st. But unlike a lot of my friends who admitted having felt miserable pushing 30, I have no such feeling. A. I like getting older, because I feel I learn and evolve with each passing year. B. I don’t even feel 25 yet!

But the truth is here to stay, I am pushing 30. This post might not be anything different or new or path-breaking, but like I said, I apologize in advance.

I like being 29 because…

1. I have been single long enough to appreciate the companionship of a partner. I am also old enough to say the word “boyfriend” without others giggling or raising eyebrows at that! I recently used it in front of my high school class teacher and she said, “Congratulations!”

2. I no longer feel pressured to do something on Saturday nights. I am happy eating ice cream and watching comedy movies.

3. I appreciate the bond I have with other women. When we were younger, a lot of us worried about going out on dates or being seen with the right crowd or meeting someone special, etc. With all that out of the way, I enjoy the company of women…and they rock my world.

4. I have learned and unlearned so much over the last decade that my blog is actually interesting to read and not filled with mundane talk about everyday life.

5. I no longer feel compelled to have more than 2 glasses of wine. Clubbing and pubbing are no longer my only ideas of “fun”! Reading, writing and catching up with sleep or connecting with friends are replacing the furore of the early 20s. But to be fair, I love dancing and do enjoy going out to a place which has good music.

6. I have enough money to travel to distant places. I took a 5 week vacation to the US and did not have to take any money from anyone, paid for it myself and came back with money to spare!

7. I am secure enough to love my body without caring what others think of it! Yes, it might be bent out of shape every now and then, but I love it and appreciate it…I am happy to be alive. If I exercise and try to lose weight, it is because I’d like to be fit, and not because I’d like to wear clothes that impress others.

8. I am no longer scared of loneliness or being alone. I have been there, done that and now know how to deal with it. When I was younger, I used to fear being alone, complained bitterly when everyone else got married and spent weekends with their spouses while I had to stay home and be online to kill time. Now, I look forward to being alone.

9. I have retained every bit of that naughty girl I was in childhood. My laugh is untainted by the cynicism of the world; it is unconditioned and wild…

10. I am now a woman. Not a chick, not a girl, not just any female word. I am a woman! There is something extremely powerful and feminine about the word “woman” and I am her. A “woman” is a force to reckon with, someone to be taken seriously, someone who counts. And I am her.