10 Things That Made My Day Perfect…

Posted on May 26, 2010


Today was just the perfect day. No, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But I think I was in a good place to be able to enjoy the smallest things. I began my day praying with Roberto. Our prayers are simple. And I have realised, today, once again, that they are effective.

1. A phone call from a really special mother figure, at 8.15 AM, made my day!

2. I got a change in job role (one that I covet) and my boss himself said that I could work from home everyday!

3. I got a confirmation on my new house, the one near the beach.

4. I got to ride home in a brand new auto rickshaw! Imagine the pride of the auto driver. I got to make his day! I said, “Is this your new auto?” He said, “Yes!”. I said, “Oh wow! Congratulations!”, He smiled and said, “Thank you!”

5. I found out that my friend, Sridevi, got a job with a role she likes, close to her house. She sounded really happy.

6. I had sent some stuff to my boss based on the new assignment, and he wrote back saying he liked what he saw and that I was the “right person” to do this work!

7. I had a sumptuous dinner of hakka noodles, paneer chilly and chicken kebab in the company of three wonderful roommates.

8. Roberto called me from work and spoke to me for 15 mins! This hasn’t happened since a few weeks because he has a new hectic job! And our conversation was also light, yet warm…just the sort that makes one feel warm and fuzzy inside.

9. A friend posted some loving on my Facebook wall. It said: “love you to utter absolute itty-bitty microscopical bits 🙂 rib-cracking hug.”

10. I got a total of 22 comments on my blog posts written yesterday.

To top it up, I haven’t come across a single person who cribbed or complained or was sad about anything in their lives! I think this constitutes a perfect day!

Thank you Lord…I feel peace. I feel love. I feel calm. I feel hopeful. Amen.