When I lied to Meghna: A Funny Story

Posted on February 18, 2010


At the office, on my last day!

Meghna and I worked together at EI. We were on the same department, sat in the same room. Had lunch together. Giggled over weird geeky things together. Exchanged information, music, books and movies. No, we aren’t really friends. Just very good pals. There’s a difference, subtle may be, yet there is. But that’s for another post, some other time.

So one time, I was dumping movies from Meghna’s external hark disk on to my laptop, when she came to check what movies I was taking. And then she said, “Ekta, have you watched Amelie?” I said, “No, but I’ve always wanted to!” So in her enthusiastic and affectionate (read slightly bossy :D) way, she said, “You MUST watch it. You MUST. You will love it.” Now if you’ve known me a little, you’d know that this meant a wee bit too much pressure. I felt cornered. But I copied the film.

The next day, I came to office, at 9.15 AM, Meghna asked me, “So?” I was like, “So?” She was like, “Well, did you?” So I was like, “Well, did I, what?” She exclaimed impatiently, “Watch Amelie, of course!”  I was like, “Oh, no babe, didn’t have the time.”

And so it went on for a few days, a week, I think. One thing changed, I felt bad each time she asked me if I had watched Amelie, I had to say no. So one day, she said, “Ekta, did you watch it?” “Yes.” The lie came out unrehearsed and unexpectedly. She smiled, “Did you like it?” My mom used to tell me that to hide a single lie, one will have to tell more lies; and I proved it! “Yes. It was so good, very different.”

She seemed satisfied with that answer and went back to her work, singing to herself, headphones on. But something bothered me. Why had I lied to her? Somehow, I couldn’t tell her! In fact, a few days later, I had a haircut, got bangs, and Meghna said, “You look like Amelie.” And that was it, I felt really bad.

How do you think I resolved it? Well, there was just one thing to do! I watched Amelie. Two whole weeks after I claimed I had. The next day, I went to office and told Meghna, “MK, I had lied to you. I hadn’t watched Amelie then, I watched it only last night. I felt guilty about lying to you, so I finally got around to watching it last night.”

She laughed, “Stupid girl, so?” I said, “Eh? So?” She said, “Well?” I said, “Oh, yes! I liked it. In fact, loved it.”

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