More Than Just A Dog

Posted on February 8, 2010


Butch, the Magnificent

You didn’t just bark, you roared,

You were not just respected, but also adored!

You are not just a dog, you are family,

Your magnificence, old pal, is legendary.

We’re sorry if sometimes we didn’t care,

We’re sorry for tying you up, when others were scared,

We’re sorry you’re sick, and there’s nothing much we can do,

But Butch, go in peace, and know that we love you.

At the front of our house, your regular place,

Now will be barren, no familiar face,

To greet us when we return, or to protect us when we sleep,

But dear darling Butch, we wish you rest in peace!

For Butch, the most feared, yet loveable dog! And for Sida, who cannot be there in his final moments.

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