International Award and Recognition for Dream A Dream

Posted on January 28, 2010


Dream A Dream is runner-up at the Japenese Award for Most Innovative Development Project

Dream A Dream was recently awarded the 2nd Prize from amongst top 3 finalists shortlisted from 300 applicants for the prestigious Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project, as announced by Global Development Network (GDN). An annual award that recognizes innovations from across the world in social change projects those are scaleable and replicable.

Vishal, Director - Dream A Dream, and Krishna - BoA, present Dream A Dream to the forum

Over the last 10 years, Dream A Dream has designed and implemented life skills development programs for over 3000 children from Bangalore’s slum communities and shelter homes. Through its engaging and experiential after-school programs in Sports (Hockey, Rugby, and Football), Creative Arts & Crafts, Computer education, Outdoor Adventure programs and Mentoring programs, Dream A Dream equips children & youth with critical life coping skills to pull themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty and life on the street.

Dream A Dream has been recognized by GDN for its Innovative Approach to empower children from Bangalore’s slum communities using Life Skills Based Education programs; its approach to innovatively & effectively engage volunteers from Bangalore’s technology and business sectors (Over 1500 volunteers contributing more than 8000 hours per year) and its low-cost, replicable and scaleable model to partner with NGO run schools and shelter homes to provide its Life skills development programs. Most importantly, the award recognizes Dream A Dream’s strategic planning processes that help us quickly adapt to the dynamically changing environment and respond to the needs of the target community effectively.

Dream A Dream presented its Innovative Approach at GDN’s Global Conference in Prague, Czech Republic on January 17th 2010 along with the other 2 finalists from Paraguay and Thailand. The Paraguay Project – Fundacion Paraguay grabbed the top prize.

About Global Development Network

Vishal and Krishna among other shortlisted participants

The Global Development Network (GDN) is an International Organization of research and policy institutes promoting the generation, sharing and application to policy of multidisciplinary knowledge for the purpose of development. It was founded on the premise that good policy research, properly applied, can accelerate development and improve people’s lives. GDN’s approach to policy relevant research is a multidisciplinary one, in that efforts to address development challenges must be informed by knowledge based on a variety of methodological approaches.

The Global Development Awards and Medals Competition, launched in 2000, is a unique competition for promoting research on development. With the support of the Government of Japan, this competition seeks to unearth new talent and support innovative ideas on development. Nearly 4,300 researchers representing more than 100 countries throughout the developing and transition world have participated in this competition to date.

To know more about Dream A Dream, please visit . Options for online contributions can also be explored through this site. For people in Bangalore, add meaning to your life, volunteer with Dream A Dream.

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