What Goes Around, Comes Around…

Posted on October 20, 2009


I experienced this, but in a good way today. I have been down lately. Very down. Life seems to be turning the wrong way and I feel helpless. Luckily, I have been writing which brings me some joy.

N pinged me to tell me that he read my new blog. I met N through Roberto. I was glad to hear from him. It had been a while since I chatted with him. And out I poured my story of being down and of feeling helpless and tired. I cried as I typed and said that I was so tired that I didn’t even know anymore what I should pray for.

N heard me out patiently, said the sweet words that I was waiting to hear from Roberto and he simply wouldn’t. But strangely they soothed me even though N said them to me. I don’t know whether it was the fact that he really did understand because he has been through a divorce or simply because he is a good friend, but I am glad it helped me to calm down.

By the end of the conversation, I was back to saying positive things, I said, “I know only I can help myself. And I have to.” He agreed, and said that consolation and advice are the only two things that others can offer. While that helps, moving on is the one thing only the person who is in the situation, can do.

As he was logging off, he said, “I still have those 3 things you said .. written on my igoogle homepage.

Components of Prayer
1. Admit that God is with us
2. Pray for strength to endure God’s plan for us. Admit that you are powerless.
3. Pray for your friends and family and for the world at large.”

A few months ago, I had helped N out of a depressing situation. Heard him out patiently and given him practical advice of what he could do to make himself to do better – Pray – and the components of prayer, are exactly what I had typed unto the chat on that day.

Somehow, that is what I needed to hear todat. I needed to know what to pray for, and I got my answer. They were the very words I had said to him when he needed them.

It was just the completion of a circle – of friendship – of spirituality – of humaneness and of love and learning.

Thank you N.