Whose Birthday Was It?

Posted on September 28, 2009


I am amazed at how generous people around me really are. Even people I don’t like, if I look carefully, I find that they’ve been really kind to those around them! And my friends, even those who are not as “sensitive” as me, they never cease to surprise me with how beautiful they are as people!

Facebook, a social networking site, put me back in touch with with someone I will call “A”. “A” and I were good friends in a different era, but lost contact as is the case mostly with old friends. With FB, I now know that he’s married and has the cutest son…and today, discovered that he also has a heart of gold.

I opened FB today and saw that a few days ago he had uploaded some pictures and the album was called “KaKu’s Birthday” – There were about six pictures of his little son and a young gentleman, clearly not someone you and I would be having dinner with. There was a lovely cake with a birthday greeting for “KaKu” or “Santos” as his name.

Many people had commented on the album asking “A”, if “KaKu” was his son’s nickname. And it was then that I knew…”A” had so nicely replied, saying, “KaKu runs the house”. In case you don’t understand, KaKu is their house-help.

My heart swelled with pride. I don’t know why. And I thought that “A” taught a lot many people a lesson. It is one thing to be nice to our maids and servants, but ordering a cake and having a small birthday party for them makes them a part of our lives, an extension of who we are.

I can imagine how A-Jr is going to turn out 🙂 A fine young man. Amen.

For you A…be happy! I am glad we were friends!