I Also Love You

Posted on September 17, 2009


I like myself. I like that I can learn about life from anyone. No matter what their age. I like that I can respect even the youngest person I know 🙂

Anoushka – my niece – she is my connection to childhood, to innocence, to experiential learning. A few minutes spent with her rejuvenate me and I am away from the hullabaloo of adult life.

Whenever I say, “Anoushka, I love you my baby!” She says, “I also love you.” I have heard these words in a shy, loud and energetic, sullen and forgiving and many other tones.

Whenever we say “I love you” to someone, they usually reply, “I love you too.” But Anoushka says, “I also love you.”

To me, this is unpracticed and untouched by worldliness. Makes me realise how conditioned even our style of loving is. My baby girl taught me the importance of spontaneity and of simple joyful living. “I love you, my baby.”