My Experiences With Motherhood – II

Posted on August 30, 2009


So it was again my time to meditate. It was raining. Pouring actually. Visibility was not even at 2 feet. But somehow there was something calming about the whole scene. I was just ending with my prayers when I heard the famous trio shouting. The school van had come and the brothers had to go to school. Yes, I think the younger one also goes to school. Last time, he could’ve been sick or something.

The brothers were discussing how best to run to the van while getting wet the least! The mother came out of the house and handed them the tiffin. She helped both of them to strap on their water bottles. Finally, she gave “something” to the elder brother and said, “Share it with your younger brother if he needs it.” I was quite annoyed that she was loading the elder brother, all of 5 years, with such a responsibility. Come on Lady, he’s just a child too! But she turned to the younger one, gave him “something” and said, “Keep this with you. If your elder brother needs it, give him some of this.”

I was elated! She had given both of them a responsibility each AND ensured that the two brothers understand that the needs of the other were important! A bond was forged, a lesson was learned and now it was time to get to the van!

She told them that she would come till the van. But the younger one protested, “I know how to go. Why are you coming. You Go. GOOOO.” She sweetly looked at him and said, “Arrre..of course you know how to go beta. I am just coming because it will make me feel better. Let me come na.” The little boy paused for a second and said, “Ok, you can come. But be careful, it’s raining too much. I don’t want you to fall sick! I will have to miss school to take care of you then!”

It was amazing how this mother always knew the right things to say to her sons! She had validated the little guy’s abilities to manage himself and allowed him to feel in charge of her 🙂 I went to work thinking, “When the hell am I gonna blog this?”