Fair Trial? Who For?

Posted on April 19, 2009


Note: I am not well-versed with Politics, the write-up below is based on my deductions and common sense…let’s say they’re musings…reader discretion advised.

How many people saw Ajmal Kasab weild the beautiful gun on that fateful evening in Mumbai? Hundreds? At least!

How then is it possible to give someone like this a FAIR TRIAL? But before that, my question is “Is there a need for a TRIAL at all?” What are they trying to do? Set him free? Or create a farce? Or do they know anymore what they’re trying to achieve?

Do we owe it to Ajmal Kasab?

Who is his defence lawyer? What is his defence? Abbas Kazmi. He says that Ajmal is a “juvenile” and did not know completely what he was doing!

The headlines boldly read, “Ajmal retracts statement. Alleges torture.” The confession was made in front of a magistrate in which he clearly stated that he is 21 years old. How then does Mr. Kazmi come up with this new fantastic idea that he is “not yet 18 and will plead not guilty

I have nothing against lawyers defending goons, but someone who walks in with death in his eyes, begins shooting at people randomly and does this repeatedly, can this person really be a “juvenile”? Even if he is “not even 18 yet”, should he be allowed to go scot free after doing what he so boldly and so remorselessly did! Even if he does say that he is truly and genuinely sorry, should we let him go back to Pakistan and this time, not be a team player, but mastermind how best to jeopardise the peace and serenity in India. Let us not forget what our dear friends who were left off at Kandahar did once they were set free.

Even if Kasab is convicted, which in my opinion is like re-inventing the mirror, my fear is that our already communal country is going to latch on to the fact that the defence lawyer belongs to the minority community and use that as an excuse to butcher those from the minority community who may actually want Kasab to be hanged!

A famous dialogue used by our PM during his campaign for the elections is “When Kandahar happened, the ruling party sent ministers! When Mumbai happened, we sent commandos.” Mr. Prime Minister, I just hope you aren’t gonna let all that work done by our commandos, go for naught by giving a FAIR trial for Kasab and letting him go, because he is a juvenile” I would be more careful than that, Mr. Prime Minister. And there were armed soldiers sent to Kandahar, just that the Taliban refused to let another country operate on its soil. Of course, we knew at that point, and proved it later that they were involved in the attack themselves.

Do we have that much faith in our judiciary that we agree that Ajmal Kasab should have this trial? I don’t have this faith. What surprises me more is how little furore has been created over such an important issue! What happened? Just because six months have passed, have we forgotten our own outrage? Or are having so much fun with the IPL that we have forgotten that just months ago our beloved city was under siege??

Ajmal Kasab looks like a regular college boy, I wouldn’t have given him a second look. But that evening in Mumbai, there was something sinister in his eyes, something invincible, that makes me fear…for the youth which is so susceptible to the truth that others feed them.

Disclaimer: I am not a BJP supporter. But I want to be an informed citizen.

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